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The Day and Night: An Original Greek Myth
    Once upon a time, a long time ago in the skies of Ancient Greece,there was a cloud. This cloud was able to make the sky bright and full of light, or dark and cold. One day, Artemis, the goddess of the moon was hunting birds when she saw her twin brother Apollo, the god of light and many other things, laying on the cloud.
    Artemis was angry at her brother for lying about all the time while she worked and helped the people of Greece. “Brother, why must you lay on that cloud all the time while I work?” she questioned. “Why, Artemis, I do it so the people can enjoy the sunlight all the time.” Apollo said. “Well, I work hard all day, so maybe I should being lazing around myself.” said Artemis grouchy like. “Now Sister, this cloud belongs to me.” Apollo said warningly. “Not if I take it from you!” Artemis shoved Apollo from his cloud and sat where he was. When she sa
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Arianna (Ari)
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Howdy! I'm a nerd who loves Kingdom Hearts, Kid Icarus, and Undertale. I loved drawing in my past time ever since I was a kid. I am a decent artist of my age, so don't expect it to be like the Mona Lisa. xD I hope we can get along! Criticism is accepted always! (Unfortunately on DA, that doesn't seem obvious XP) So, see you around!

I am a:



For PaperPencil23EZ
Well, I said I would finish it P. It's kinda old compared to my other works, as you can see by my awkward legs. After some edits though, it looks better. At least the coloring, despite belong black and white, is alright. Anyway, hope you enjoy.
A Hint of Color
Made with DeviantArt muro Well, back with the digital art. No one really seemed to notice my traditional art, so I made some digital to make up for it. Anyway, I was reading The Giver. You know, the book about the world with no feelings, color, or chaos and the boy who realizes what his world needs. Great book. So yeah, since they can't see color, and Jonas has special eyes, I thought up of a picture of a girl in a black and white world, where only she can see color, and the only color others can see are her eyes.
Persona Update 2017
Alright, so awhile ago I decided to redesign my persona a bit. So, I've been obsessed with Fire Emblem Fates recently, so I decided to base the hair off of female Corrin's design. Also thought a shoulder guard looked cool, so I added that as well.
    Heyo deviators and others, it's Meme, and welcome to a new series called 'Fiction Thoughts'. What's it about? It's where I give out ideas for stories I have on my mind, and you guys say what you think about it.

                               Today's episode's on.... Kairi-Tale!

    As you may or may not know, I'm a big fan of Kingdom Hearts and Undertale. While I AM in the middle of another UT fanfic crossover, I thought it'd be a good idea later down the road.

As of now, here's what I got as a plotline. A few years after Xehanort is defeated, Sora, Riku, and Kairi hear news that the 6 other Princesses of Heart have gone missing again, somewhere near a large mountain near Radiant Garden. Kairi wants to go with Sora and Riku to investigate, but they don't want her to end up like the others. Upset that her best friends think she can't handle herself, she sneaks off to Radiant Garden (not sure how yet) while her friends sleep. There, she climbs up the mountain, and trips down a hole, into the underground. In a nutshell, Kairi falls down after her friends think she can't handle danger by herself, and she's the 7th human to fall down. (You can probably guess who the other 6 are ;))

    I was listening to KHTLL13's cover of 'Your Best Nightmare' when I thought of what the Princesses attacks would be if Omega Flowey absorbed their souls (Idk what i do with my spare time) then it led to Kairi having the determination soul, and then I started thinking of the basic plot of a fanfiction.

                                        Problems with Idea
Now, like I said, there's problems with this idea. Like, how did Kairi travel to Radiant Garden? Well, maybe Goofy and Donald came by earlier than Riku and Sora expected. Idk.

    So, what do think about Kairi-Tale? Any improvements on the series? Comment down below! Hope you deviators enjoy,and see you next time!

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